What Is NYC’s Number One Inequality Issue? Sneak Peek At 2016 Results


It is just 14 days till we officially release NYC’s 2016 change score. NYC scored 43.2 out of 100 in 2015.  Will the score go up, down, or stay relatively the same? We have spent the past year collecting and analyzing new data so we are as excited as you are to see if the city has moved the needle on inequality. Be sure to check our website on Monday, November 14th for this important milestone.

In the meantime, we can share results from our 2016 Public Survey, specifically designed to inform our Equality Indicators’ framework. We asked 3,003 New Yorkers what the number one inequality issue is in the city. Here’s what they said:

  • Economic/Income Inequality (23.2%)
  • Racism/Racial Inequality (16.6%)
  • Housing/Homelessness (14.8%)
  • Police/Policing (8.4%)
  • Educational Inequality (8.1%)
  • Crime/Public Safety (7.7%)

 How do these responses compare year over year?


What are some trends that emerged from comparing 2015 to 2016 responses?

  • Both Economic/Income Inequality and Racism/Racial Inequality were cited more frequently in this year’s survey than last year’s.
  • Police/Policing and Crime/Public Safety have equal weight in the mind of the public as an inequality issue.
  • Housing/Homelessness saw relatively similar scores year over year, suggesting that finding affordable, quality housing continues to challenge New Yorkers.

What can we expect from the 2016 Change Score?

Right now it is anyone’s guess. Be sure to check back on November 14th to see how these responses compare to the 2016 scores.