Photo Contest Winner!

We have a winner!  David from Brooklyn takes first prize for his photo: Glass Half Full or Half Empty.

David from Brooklyn, NY submission

He explained that the photo represents that perceived disadvantages can also be opportunities.  For example, a disability doesn’t have to hold someone back. It can also motivate them to do  more. We also picked this picture because it is a good representation of global wealth; where the top 1% own 50% of wealth. This wealth is held captive and can’t be used like the water in the glass on the left-hand side.

Britney from Washington, DC took second prize and Katharine from Haskell, NJ won third.

Britney from Washington DC submission

Diversity in Government Starts Young

Katharine from Haskell, NJ submission

The Ripple Effect of Inequality

Thank you to all the photo contest participants!